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Vision and Mission

Our Vision, Mission, and Strategies....


Building up a community of Love based on Truth, Justice and Human Dignity.


To organize and empower the economically, socially and culturally poor, especially, women, children and marginal farmers through participatory process, ushering them to self-sufficiency and thus enabling them to participate in and contribute to the common good of the society.

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Organisational Profile

The simultaneous existence of abject poverty and spectacular affluence challenge the meaningfulness and the very fabric of society. It calls for the concerted efforts of all persons of good will to dedicate themselves for the empowerment of the poor, marginalized, oppressed and the downtrodden. We are committed to enable the poor and the deprived persons to participate in the goods and services of the socio-economic world. As far as a Christian is concerned, this mission is a constitutive dimension of his/her realizing God’s Kingdom of justice and love on earth.

We are with the poor and marginalized for the realization of social justice and the common good. As the very name signifies, it has been people oriented, and has been working through participatory process in planning, implementing, monitoring and evaluating developmental activities.

Strategies Adopted

  • Organize, empower and sustain people’s organizations
  • Conscientize people of their rights and duties.
  • Encourage leadership qualities among the marginalized and enable them participate in the civil structures.
  • Entrepreneurship training,IGP for rural people
  • Inculcate the principles of social justice in to the structures of the socio- economic, political, and cultural life.
  • Impart awareness concerning the social evils affecting personal, familial, socio- economic, and political life.
  • Hence PSSP initiates, directs, monitors, and co-ordinates charitable and social activities of the poor especially, women, Children and the marginalized farmers,involving people's participation
  • It promotes non-conventional energy based technologies among the rural people
  • It conducts scientific preparatory studies in view of Village, Panchayath, Block, and District level integrated social empowerment projects.
  • It renders technical assistance to other institutions and civil authorities.
  • Organises and imparts training to social workers, animators and activists.
  • Promotes organic farming, Kitchen garden, bio-fertilizers, vermi compost etc-
  • It trains and secures job opportunities for unemployed girls through providing service to the old and the sick.
  • It supports family welfare programmes by collaborating with SAFP regular beneficiaries and project beneficiaries schemes.

Governing Body

The Governing Body of PSSP consists of the President, the Executive Secretary, and Eleven other members elected from the General Body. The period of the General Body as well as the Governing Body is for three years. The Governing Body meets minimum three times a year.

Training Centre

START (Skill Training and Rural Technology Centre) is the Training centre of People's Service Society Palakkad. Here we give training for the women, farmers, youth and children's clubs. The district headquarters of Jan Shikshan Sansthan Palakkad under the aegis of People's Service Society is situated at the START campus. JSSP is functioning for the skill development and livelihood upliftment of the illiterates, neo literates and the underprivileged groups within the district of Palakkad. Here we have facilities for training of 80 people with lodging and boarding. The community hall has a sitting capacity of 200 people. Government / Non Government Organisations, Mahilasamajams, SHGs, Farm Clubs , Youth Clubs are given training on various topics.

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